My name is Kilani Daane and I’m a seventeen year old beach volleyball player. My journey with beach volleyball began in October of 2015 when I was recruited for the Singapore National Team from my indoor volleyball school team. Before I found beach, I was an indoor player. Even though I loved playing indoor,  there always seemed to be something missing inside of me when I played. I felt that I could play with decent technique, but I sensed that I wasn’t playing with heart.

That all changed when I discovered Beach Volleyball. The second I stepped onto that sand in October 2015, I found my heart, and discovered an ever deeper passion.

One challenge I was not prepared for when starting to play beach volleyball was a constant struggle to find decent beach wear that not only was functional, but that also looked great. I soon discovered that many beach/water related sport athletes share the same challenge, which is finding the right suit.

While on the court, I’m often tugging or pulling at straps during play just to ensure that everything stays secure and I don’t have a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a game.

This is the exact reason why started Tanned&Sandy – a company that strives to solve the fashion and functionality issue of most beach/water sport athletes.

Welcome to Tanned&Sandy, the active beachwear company that allows you to perform in both style and comfort.